Piramerd a Kurdish Poet

Piramerd or Haji Tofiq Beg was the full name of Tofiq, the son of Mahmud Agha, the son of Hamzagha Masrafah (June 1-6). [1] He was born in Sulaymaniyah and studied religious studies at a young age. The elders, like Haji Qadiri Koei, Nali, Mahwi, Mawlawi, and Zewar, returned to the mosque in mosques and cities, and remained there for a while, after most of the mosques in Sulaymaniyah had returned to the mosques of Kurdistan. 2] Sheikh Mustafa Naqib and Sheikh Saeed Hafiz will arrive in Istanbul on the 2nd. There he studied law and was appointed to the Ottoman state government at several government and political levels. After the uprising of Sheikh Saeed Piran on the 1st and the collapse of the situation, he returned to Sulaymaniyah and spent the rest of his life there doing literary and journalistic work. The old man has a lot of literary output and has done a lot of service to Kurdish journalism. He has made significant contributions to the field of Kurdish journalism, some of which includes the establishment of (Rasmali Katb Newspaper and Kurdish Newspaper Ta'awan and Turqi Ghazatasi and Zin Newspaper and Zin Magazine)