Revival of Kurd’s Heritage Organisation is non-benefit organization established since 2010 and registered by KRG- office of NGOs on 05 / 01 / 2015 under the code (K-2381). it is located in the oldest Hotel (Farah Hotel) and its age is rooted to 1923, when it was used a hotel by business men and visitors of Suleimaniyah surrounding. It was deserted for about 40 years; in 2013 it was renovated by General Directorate of Archaeology of Suleimaniyah. RKHO got privilege of using it since 2016 and it has founded a museum for protection of heritage and culture protection activities.


Board of Trustee

Erfan Othman Ahmed -Heritage Expert

Barzan Qadir Mohammed - Artist and Heritage Expert

Dliva Abdullah Abdulrahman - Legal Consultant

Staff members


Erfan Othman Ahmed (Heritage Expert)

Financial Manager

Barzan Qadir Mohammed (Artist and Heritage Expert)


Legal Consultant

Dliva Abdullah Abdulrahman (Legal Consultant)

Public Relations Manager

Hewa Jaff

Domestic Relations

Kamal Rashid

Heritage Protection Manager

Hashm HamaAbdullah

Director of Museum

Goran Othman Ahmed

Account Manager

Goran Abdullah Abdulrahman

Fundraising Consultant

Mohammed M. Rasoul

Internal Relation

Azmeera Barzan Qadir

Information Technology

Aram Jamal